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About Red Flower

Potent botanical beauty made with awareness by Red Flower in the USA.



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I want to help you build a beauty business that rocks your blaheoihf oiehrgioehg oioerhg oiehgoirg . In this class, you will learn 6 key lessons to help manifest the business of your dreams:





Partner and Place


The Company

Red Flower is a beauty wellness company and by beauty wellness I mean really creating products that are about living life fully, about engaging the senses, about talking the basic everyday aspect of something as simple as taking a shower and elevating that fully by the quality of the ingredients, the sensation of the textures and the techniques of applications that come from my Global adventures around the world, really learning how to enhance every moment.



Strategically formulated healthy snacks



The Products (turn into shop now)

Red flower formulates sources, produces, creates and makes, this is our product, this is something that we put our mark on fully.

I decided to launch with something as simple as a candle, but to deliver within that candle a kind of quality of experience that would be able to deliver on that sensation that mission, that place where you want to be just by smelling alone someplace else.

And it is in of itself through the essential oils the waxes that we use, the way that we place petals on top, the story and the ritualistic quality of just lighting a candle and being centered and present really tells the whole story of Red flower,

The Motivator /  Instinct

A recognition of a need that there was in this vast beauty space. Nobody was talking about the senses, nobody was talking about the emotional connection, nobody was talking about that sense of feeling empowered, and healthy and filled with potential way in the beauty space

the idea of finding a way of delivering on a mission of health and wellness through product experience was a big driver in terms of creating something that in of itself without words, without explanation that really drive people to people to feel and live more fully

its about creating something that is of unbelievable quality and of an experience that is really transformative, and to do that with something that’s almost as mundane as a candle really takes a deep commitment to the process of development, and a deep commitment to the quality of ingredients.

Her Influencers

The World

it’s not like a specific moment where you say I am getting influenced, I think it’s about being open in your life to a lot of thought and opinion and reading and having that accessibility to travel, to being open to the world and to really thinking about what it means to listen and incorporate that into your life in a full way

Her Boss

when I think about centering on maybe one or two people that I would say really deeply pushed me, one would actually be my Boss at (inaudible) the senior creative director a Gentleman named MR (inaudible) who only spoke Japanese and I do speak Japanese but not fluently, so I had to listen really carefully to everything he said to actually understand.

And he said something to me that was so remarkable when I first started my job there, and it was really about any work that you do to bring your best self to it, something as simple as making a photocopy that photocopy should be perfect, and he encapsulated that into the idea of even the most subtle details matter, the thing that people don’t see is more important than the things that they do, and I have allowed that to in view everything at Red flower, that really it is about the subtlety the details that make it extraordinary

Her Mother

she is a believer, somebody who is incredibly optimistic who always sees the sunny side of life, whose warmth embraces everyone that she need, and she would take me out into the garden and teach me how to make rose jam or how to distil violets into a liquor, and just the idea of waking up every morning and feeling the potential in a day. I think that makes it easy as an entrepreneur to get through challenges to persevere and to feel like the work that you’re doing is relevant.