FounderMade attracts founders by offering support services, mentorship from veterans, a pitch competition and access to capital. This founder-focused model then attracts the big companies who have a keen interest in gaining visibility into a world that corporates would never normally have access to. 

— Inc. Magazine


Michael Gordon, Founder,  Bumble & Bumble

“Foundermade offers a forum for connections to be made and for ideas to be produced.  The collaboration possibilities and the exposure for some of these young founders makes these events invaluable."

Stephanie Mark, Founder, The Coveteur

"My favourite part is getting to see all of new brands and meeting their founders. It always inspires and reinvigorates me.”

Robin Berlin, Founder, Parsley Health

"The Foundermade events are expertly curated across audience and speakers to bring together the driving forces in the wellness industry. I even met a senior hire for my company at one of their events!"

Jasmin Jenkins, Community Manager at THINX

“The turnout was so positive! The curation was great and we got a lot of positive attention and sales from the attendees. [We even discussed] a possible partnership with FlyWheel.”

Sean Kelly, Founder, Snack Nation

"From FounderMade I was able to create a deeper connection with other founders and suppliers in my industry. FounderMade fostered an unparalleled platform and community from which I was able to strengthen these connections."

Simone de La Rue, Founder, Body By Simone 

"From the experience I met someone who is interested in investing in my company. "

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Alexandra Fine, Founder, Dame Products

"This event has been an really amazing networking opportunity. We sold out of all of our products.  There has been an amazing response to our brand, we lined up ten different partnership opportunities as well as I met some potential investors."

Brett Bilon, Founder, Plume Science

"Our expectations were far exceeded and we were completely blown away by the caliber of event. Highlights included significant interest from serious investors, we sold a ton of product at the Discovery Lounge, and we secured a prominent new member of our advisory board; Michael Gordon, Founder of Bumble & Bumble."

Nicole Ledoux, Founder, 88 Acres

“I was able to connect the brand with the thought leaders in the industry from media, distribution and investment communities, including a buyer at Whole Foods and a representative at Well & Good. I loved that FounderMade took a fragmented process and made it streamlined.”

Rachel Lang, Co-Founder, FaceLove Fitness

"We participated in FounderMade Wellness 2016 and met our current partner. We are now putting together a strong strategy to scale FaceLove with our first free standing store along with 2 other shop in shops to open fall of 2017. "

Craig Anderson, COO,  Flywheel

"It's been a great time connecting with some really relevant people in the wellness space and discovering some really cool concepts."

Doug Evans, Founder, Juicero

"Even several weeks after at other locations and other events, I met people who had met me and seen Juicero at the FounderMade event. Many hundreds of people got to taste and experience Juicero and we received 30 corporate leads.”

Jared McGovern,  Founder, Rise Brewing Company

"I thought the FounderMade experience was amazing. We made a tremendous amount of partnerships with the best people from the industry. We spoke to investors, suppliers, retailers." 

Ken Park, Founder, Detox Water

"I met investors, consumers who are fans of our product. We are going to run another round of financing so I was surprised to meet so many investors who are actually interested."

Lauren Benbassat, Founder, Mele Shake

“Overall A+. Beautiful space, beautiful event. Most trade shows I attend are crazy and have thousands of people, but FounderMade focuses on quality over quantity. The attendees were genuinely interested in our product.”

Paul Vella, Aethern Nutricosmetics

"The quality of people and contacts were first rate. I was able to get product in the hands of people I'll be able to do business with."

Circa Mella, Head of PR,  Hudson Wellness

"We have met so many amazing companies who are wanting to come to our Wellness center.  I have business cards falling out of my pocket of people who want to get involved and partner with us."

Sarah Ribbner, Founder, Piperwai

"What I really like about FounderMade is that it really captures the growth in the wellness industry.  We’ve meet some great brands to do cross promotions with, and get so many contacts out of it."

Activating real sales traction, requires more than a booth at a trade show. So how does your brand stand out?

That’s where we come in...


Your profile on the FounderMade platform is a place for you to tell your consumer brand story, so you can make the high-impact connections to help you scale.

We take professional photos of your products

We film a professional video of your products through the lens of discovery & story-telling

We make it easy to post and integrate your profile with your site



We can take your brand to the next-level through direct promotion of your new content.

We’ll feature you in bespoke newsletters, articles, and social posts to raise brand awareness

We’ll provide you with your own photos + videos so you can use them on social channels to activate sales

We’ll promote your page to buyers and distributors looking for your criteria


We facilitate thousands of high-growth connections for you to close deals in sales, distribution, marketing & investment.

Reach qualified buyers, distributors and industry leaders

Increase direct to consumer brand awareness

Gain exposure to an audience of brand savvy consumers, retailers, and investors

PREVIEW FOUNDERMADE's next-level CONTENT for brands

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Our global ecosystem is quality, not quantity.  We connect brands to only the highest level investors, entrepreneurs, c-level executives, influencers, distributors & retailers.

What is a FounderMade Company? 

Our Criteria: 



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