What exhibitor brands are saying


As an emerging beauty brand, large marketing decisions are pain-stakingly made with ROI as the number one driver. For us, FounderMade provided both direct and indirect value. We met industry insiders, media contacts, and priceless insights from other start-up founders. This event is a must-do for indie brands.

Our expectations were far exceeded and we were completely blown away by the caliber of event, attendees, and value we got from being a part of it. Some of the highlights included garnering significant interest from serious investors (we had 4 qualified pitches within a week of the event), media interest (magazine interviews came directly as a result of being at the event), we sold a ton of product at the Discovery Lounge, and we secured a prominent new member of our advisory board; Michael Gordon, founder of Bumble & Bumble.

We participated in FounderMade Wellness 2016 and met an amazing brand consultant. After working closely together and understanding our brand more closely, she became a partner. We are now putting together a strong strategy to scale FaceLove with our first free standing store along with 2 other shop in shops to open fall of 2017. Essentially taking us from being a $40k a year facial pop up service to a $2 million brand sitting next to Dry Bars and Soul Cycle.


This event has been an really amazing networking opportunity. We sold out of all of our products. There has been an amazing response to our brand, we lined up ten different partnership opportunities as well as I met some potential investors.


Foundermade's events are expertly packaged to bring Founders, Media, Corporate Partners and Investors together in an authentic way. The speaking panel is always inspiring and the relationships you form are unmatched. I've walked away feeling energized about our companies' future.

I was able to connect the brand with the thought leaders in the industry from media, distribution and investment communities. I loved that FounderMade took a fragmented process and made it streamlined.

Foundermade offers a forum for connections to be made and for ideas to be produced. Budding Entrepreneurs can connect to Veterans such as myself whom I think they can learn so much from. The collaboration possibilities and the exposure for some of these young founders makes these events invaluable.

From FounderMade I was able to create a deeper connection with other founders and suppliers in my industry such as Livio Bisterzo, founder of Hippeas, and Tero, founder of Four Sigmatic. FounderMade fostered an unparalleled platform and community from which I was able to strengthen these connections.

The Foundermade events are expertly curated across audience and speakers to bring together the driving forces in the wellness industry. I even met a senior hire for my company at one of their events!

Even several weeks after at other locations and other events, I met people who had met me and seen Juicero at the FounderMade event. Many hundreds of people got to taste and experience Juicero and we received 30 corporate leads.

I’ve been presented with business opportunities from corporations like L’Oréal & just secured investment with UniLever because of LXMI’s presence with FounderMade.

It is always so inspiring to meet other entrepreneurs in the consumer sector and get feedback from the M&A and investment community.

What retailers & distributers are saying

What better way to find the next big beauty brand than at a summit like FounderMade where you have the hottest, niche new speciality brands on the market. It’s a really great event, a lot of innovation and new ideas, we look forward to participating in the future.

I love meeting fresh, innovative young brands who are really moving the needle & inspiring change in this industry. I love the networking aspect of this event & sharing what Ipsy’s doing, hopefully finding new brands to partner with.


FounderMade was a boutique version of ExpoWest - an intimate group of hand-picked wonderful industry influencers. The tight-knit atmosphere allowed me to accomplish more at FounderMade in the one day of networking than I would in several days at any other convention or expo. I expect tons of new business to be generated from this amazing event.

What investors are saying


FounderMade has built a great platform for us to accelerate introductions to today’s entrepreneurs, to interact with key leaders, and to stay abreast of some of the most important trends and innovations in our market.

Worthwhile investment of time, energy and money. I have definitely gone forward in pursuing many new companies and I am excited to attend more events in the future.” Debra Perelman

(FounderMade) collects small brands, independent brands and newly-developing brands, and it has a lot of ‘cool’ brands. It does the research on brands so you don’t have to do a lot of the work,” said one investor.” 

What media & influencers are saying

It’s nice that the financial players are coming by, because the idea of matchmaking some of these people, even in the early stages before anybody is ready to do a deal, is very interesting and maybe not something that you’re not neccessarily honing in on in other places.

At Entrepreneur we are always excited to explore every single sector. FounderMade has done a wonderful job of collecting experts in all types of sectors, so it’s a wonderful way to connect with lots of different expertise in one place.

FounderMade attracts founders by offering support services, mentorship from veterans, a pitch competition and access to capital. This founder-focused model then attracts the big companies who have a keen interest in gaining visibility into a world that corporates would never normally have access to.