A millennial-focused & feminist-forward dance cardio program that has a live DJ in every class

It's our mission to inspire confidence and joy.


founded by sadie kurzban


I graduated Maguna Cum Laude from Brown University and Phi Beta Kappa. I knew nothing about starting a business but I knew that with persistence and passion, I could do anything. I moved to New York at age 21 with $25,000 in my pocket. Today, 305 Fitness is in three cities (and growing!), with 40 instructors, 30 DJs and over 40,000 clients.


sadie's interview


What are the 3 highlights of your time as a founder so far?

Opened 2 brick-and-mortar studios in New York City with more on the way.

Our community is fierce; 40,000 newsletter readers with 40% average open rates!

Starting our company at just age 21 with $25,000 in my pocket.


What personally drives you to build a mission-driven business?

I build because I want to inspire joy and confidence.


What was the life-changing event or experience that inspired the idea for your business?

I grew up in looks-conscious Miami. My mom and sister had eating disorders. I used to think of exercise as a way to purge. I found feminism and I realized how much more I could offer the world than just my looks or body. I wanted to create a fitness culture that empowered and encouraged women.


What was the lightbulb moment that propelled you into action to build your company?

I was out at a nightclub with my best friend. We were 21. South Beach. We came home drunk at 3 AM. She turned to me and said, "This is your passion. You have to do this." We went home and Googled "How do you start a business?" that night.


How has the benefit of the product you've built transformed your own life?

I love the product I've created. I teach and take classes nearly every day. It's joyous, it's creative, it engages mind, body and soul.


How can the benefit of the product you've built change the lives of your consumers?

305 Fitness is a place where people come as strangers and leave as friends. It's about having 55 minutes to forget the outside world and get in touch with yourself. It's entertaining, it's wild, it's loud and it's empowering!


What 3 pieces of advice would you give to every aspiring early stage founder who is building a business?

Build the future by...not giving up. It sounds cliche, but seriously, it's a persistence game in the end!

Build the future by...creating a product you, yourself, truly and authentically love. There will be others like you! Don't build something you 'think' will sell. Build something that you personally can't live without.

Build the future by...really, really, really giving a f*ck. You can't have one foot in and one foot out the door. Entrepreneurship is one helluva crazy ride. You have to be 100% committed to see it through.



about 305 fitness

Deemed “rave-meets-workout,” 305 Fitness is an underground non-stop dance cardio workout that infuses dance moves, sports drills and high-intensity interval training. Classes feature a live DJ and rhythmic light show. Located in New York City (West Village and Midtown), Boston, and Washington D.C. with international popup experiences in Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, the Hamptons, Berlin, and more.

We've been featured in NY Observer, Good Morning America, TODAY Show, TODAY with Kathie Lee + Hoda, Harper’s Bazaar,, New York Post, Fusion and The Washington Post.



THE 305 fitness series


5 Class Series in Boston, DC or New York.