Meet Britta Cox, the Founder of AQUIS

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Britta Cox, Founder of AQUIS

"It is time we move towards a world of hair positivity which is less about the way your hair should look and more about getting the best out of the hair you have.”

Meet the Founder

Britta Cox grew up not giving her hair too much thought, unless it was time to wash or comb through it—and then she would have to brace herself. She would prolong the time between washes as long as possible since it was such a chore. Eventually, she had enough and decided to do something to dramatically help reduce the time in her hair routine. By her late twenties, Britta had founded AQUIS, the original water-wicking hair towel. Now, she is now responsible for shaking up hair routines with the new four-step AQUIS Prime system. 


It started with the need to dry hair faster

I wanted to spend less time doing my hair and more time doing the things I loved. My haircare routine was holding me back. Before I founded AQUIS, I was working in the ski industry where I was attending lots of trade shows and exposed to high performance fabrics. I noticed some of the sportswear fabrics had moisture wicking properties, and I thought, “why isn’t there a hair towel with these same properties?” Thanks to that curiosity, I reached out to a Japanese lab to develop the original AQUIS hair towel. The resulting fabric is super thin and lightweight, but it’s made with special weave so it wicks water into the towel at point of contact, and across the material. People found that our hair towels and turbans did a lot more than dry faster—seriously prevented frizz and breakage and even helped color last. Partnering with my husband (Suveen - co founder) and hair scientists around the world, we got to the bottom of why the hair towels had such an effect: they prevented Hygral Fatigue, the stretching and swelling of hair when it’s wet that makes it prone to damage and breakage.

AQUIS Prime Hair System

AQUIS Prime Hair System

Dedicated to better, stronger hair

We never thought we’d get in the shampoo business, but once we learned that less water + faster drying = stronger and more beautiful hair, we had to share it. We’re so excited about AQUIS Prime, a four-step hair care system that is proven to get your hair stronger and healthier by protecting hair from inside before it gets wet, cleansing while preventing further weakening and breakage, drying quickly, and applying light leave-in conditioner while hair is damp instead of trapping water in the hair and weighing it down with traditional conditioners. No other products work this way—we’re changing the game.

For many people, hair is a huge part of their identity. This year, we started a campaign called #HAIRSTRONG. Through our campaign, we have received so many stories about women struggling to fully embrace their hair. With AQUIS Prime, we’ll continue that conversation as we can now offer a way to reclaim your healthiest hair instead of battling it and finding ways to hide damage. It is time we move towards a world of hair positivity which is less about the way your hair should look and more about getting the best out of the hair you have.

AQUIS Prime family of products

AQUIS Prime family of products


What I’ve learned as a founder

Innovators are important. Networking is important. So partnering with FounderMade, an event that highlights entrepreneurs and provides entrepreneurs an opportunity to network, was an easy decision. One of the most rewarding parts of my career has been acting as a mentor to other ambitious entrepreneurs. No matter what stage your company is in, it’s important to never stop networking. You never know where inspiration will strike and who could be your next biggest supporter.