Meet Kodi Kitchen, the founder of Best U Studio

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Kodi Kitchen, Best U Studio

"We are taking things you may already know and add a design element so you will be willing to incorporate them into your life."

Meet the Founder

Kod Kitchen is a former General Hospital soap actress who started the pilates studio Best U Studio. Through videos, events, and their line of workout equipment, Best U aims to create something that could seamlessly blend into your life.


How She got her start and became a patent holder

I went from a model to a soap opera actress who thought she had a long career and ended up getting fired early. I took that as the opportunity (with some tears, wine and husband encouragement) to get out and create what it was I always wanted. I knew the things I loved: being active, community, and design, so I took inspiration from those things and ran with it. One of my best friends and I started the company together and I am proud to say that we are in the 7% of patent holders in the US. Although we started as a studio, we evolved into the line of products where we like to say it is movement inspired by design. 

Best U Studio

Best U Studio

How to rely on community to build a business

When I was 8 months pregnant we got our first massive order, which was Neiman Marcus. As a company of one who had never done this before, I relied on my community to get these out. I have learned the importance of asking for help. Shipping hundreds of weights was not an easy task; my mom, cousin, girlfriends, husband, even Val my Fed ex driver, helped to get it done.

Although we currently offer the Ubarre, we are branching out with three other products on the horizon. We are taking things you may already know and add a design element so you will be willing to incorporate them into your life. We are not attempting to substitute the gym, but more so add movement. We live in a time-scarce world and we hope to inspire people to bring more movement into their lives. Bringing more movement into the hospitality, home, and office is what we aim to accomplish with our entire line. Things are stressful and if you can move you can release the mind and body.

U Barre in different finishes

U Barre in different finishes


The importance of defining success

One big piece of advice is to draw your own definitions. Allow the freedom to slow and take the time to actually write out what things mean to you. Define YOUR success. Define a perfect day. Also, what does self care mean to you? To some it is a facial, to some a workout class. To me it means having a great lunch and reading a good book. 

Another huge inspiration in my business is not being afraid of “no”. I do feel that being an actress really helped in that regards; every no is a learning lesson and inspiration. Above all, don't let a perfect creation in your mind stop you from getting your first product made. Believe in evolvement and innovation, but that can't happen without pulling the trigger and just going for the first!