Indonesian-inspired holistic beauty and wellness

JUARA means "Winner, Champion" and our mission is to empower you to champion your natural beauty.


founded by yoshiko Roth-Hidalgo & metta murdaya 


We are Metta and Yoshiko, the Co-Founders of JUARA Skincare. We each lived around the world before meeting in graduate school at NYU's Stern School of Business and starting JUARA Skincare. Prebviously, Metta worked globally in entrepreneurial and corporate environments and Yoshiko worked at L'Oreal.


Metta & Yoshiko's interview


What are the 3 highlights of your time as a founder so far?

METTA: Opening the JUARA Office in Indonesia, our homeland. There, we distribute in select retailers including Sephora, Galeries Lafayette, and also at several 5-star resorts in Bali.

YOSHIKO: I feel very fortunate and grateful to my team that I have been able to balance motherhood with the responsibility of driving a business. 

METTA: The repackaging /rebooting of our line in 2015 while "brushing off" the recession dust that nearly buried us for years. This yielded not only a quick increase in sales, but also got us the Cosmoprof Discover Beauty Trendsetter of the Year award in 2015. 


What personally drives you to build a mission-driven business?

YOSHIKO: I have always loved helping people feel good about themselves, feel strong and confident. I truly believe that every woman is born naturally beautiful and deserves to treat herself and nurture herself, including her skin. 

METTA: The objective of JUARA has been to create effective, natural products inspired by my heritage to improve women's confidence and so they can improve their lives. I also wanted to put Indonesia on the global map of beauty, as this has never been done before, and I believe our country is still relatively unrecognized with much to be proud of.


What was the life-changing event or experience that inspired the idea for your business?

YOSHIKO: There are many moments that inspired me and consciously or unconsciously pushed me forward on this road in my life to building JUARA. My father is a chemist, and as a kid, he and I would make lotions and salves together just for fun. I was really into how to treat skin and the ingredients that are good for skin and have always been the go-to among my family and friends for skincare advice. It's fundamentally part of my desire to help people feel comfortable in their own skin. 

METTA: I was in a position where I was doing well in a fast track, corporate career when I realized I was getting burned out with no signs of things slowing down. I got into a serious car accident on the way home from work, partly fueled by exhaustion, at which point I realized I had to make a change. Concerned about the longer term effects of a life on overdrive, I wanted to find products that were natural and that I could trust to "keep me sane and healthy." Tapping into my own trusted heritage with a culture of balancing mind-and-body through natural herbs, I knew I had to learn and create something to bring it to my life in modern day NYC that had both the philosophy and the ingredients for total self-care.


What was the lightbulb moment that propelled you into action to build your company?

METTA: The JUARA project started as an idea itch I had to scratch. I was curious to see if I could take my own native, traditional herbal heritage from Indonesia and apply it to modern life in NYC. I wanted to create something to help me take care of my unhealthy skin and overworked, fast-paced lifestyle.

When I realized I COULD create something, the thought hit me: "If I'm going to win big, why not start NOW? And if I'm going to fail big, then better start and get it over with NOW." So at that point, I began the important self-care journey and I knew I couldn't stop.


How has the benefit of the product you've built transformed your own life?

YOSHIKO: It's all about integrity and values. It sounds so obvious, but I could only offer our customers products that I would personally feel good about using myself. And integrity and values have to be reflected in the way that you conduct business as well. As a result, I take very good care of myself and my skin, but it's so much more than that. I have really grown as a person.

METTA: When you own and represent a brand, it forces you to be real. You have to practice what you preach, which in our case is living as a JUARA "winner" girl. To us, being a "JUARA" involves developing a continuous practice of making conscious decisions to improve our own life. As a result, this practice has helped me feel more confident in myself, fulfilled in my relationships, and healthier in my own body. Plus, of course, my skin is in pretty good shape as a result of our own products.


How can the benefit of the product you've built change the lives of your consumers?

YOSHIKO: JUARA is really about championing your natural beauty, championing your mind, your body and being the best version of yourself. At the product level, we invite people to take care of their skin in a way that is not only mindful and engages the senses, but is also incredibly effective and improves the way people feel about themselves.

Plus, because we really try to educate our customers about exotic botanicals and their cultural heritage, I think it takes people on a journey to discover the incredible treasures and wisdom you will find in the ancient tradition of Jamu. Beyond the product itself though, because JUARA has been such a journey of empowerment for us, we also work to encourage and support other women to nurture their minds, and to pursue their dreams and entrepreneurial aspirations.


What 3 pieces of advice would you give to every aspiring early stage founder who is building a business?


Really, really know your customer.
Create a solid business plan where you clearly asses the market opportunity, formulate your strategy to deliver value to your customers, and create realistic financial projections. 
Build a great team of people–partners, employees and advisors–that have integrity, broad experience and also the curiosity and hunger to learn.



about juara skincare

JUARA is where herbal tradition meets botanical science. Inspired by JAMU, the herbal healing tradition of Indonesia, JUARA combines ancient beauty rituals and herbal medicinal practices with the best of modern science to create a luxurious and indulgent problem-solution range of skincare and body care products.

Featuring high concentrations of powerful and exotic active botanicals, such as turmeric, kombucha, clove, tamarind, candlenut oil, healing teas and red sandalwood, JUARA combines time-honored recipes for skin health and well-being with the best of skin care innovations to deliver treatments of the highest quality. With luscious textures that nourish the skin, captivating scents that delight, and products that deliver results while promoting balance and radiance, JUARA provides a lavish Indonesian spa escape for your skin, body and soul.



THE juara ritual


Nourish and revitalize your skin with each step in this 4-step skincare ritual. From gentle cleansing and hydrating to brightening, firming and moisturizing, each product is infused with nutrient-rich botanicals and draws from the deep wisdom of ancient Indonesian beauty principles. The result: Skin that looks and feels healthy, strong, radiant and full of vitality.