no b.s. protein bars

RXBAR makes whole food protein bars with simple, all-natural ingredients.


co-founded by peter rahal


I'm the Co-Founder and CEO of RXBAR. In 2013 my partner Jared Smith and I called b.s. on the protein bar industry. We were sick of buying protein bars full of junk, so we set out to create one made with simple, real food ingredients. In our parents’ basements, we experimented with different ingredients and recipes and ended up creating RXBAR. RXBAR is a whole food protein bar made with absolutely zero added sugar and no gluten, soy, dairy or artificial ingredients. Originally, we distributed RXBARs in the CrossFit community (a no b.s. training program) and CrossFit athletes ate us up. Today, we're distributed nationwide, and we serve a diverse customer base.  In a car at 6 AM, on a plane at 6 PM, RXBARs provide convenient protein on the go, that actually tastes good and keeps you full. We're excited about the future and will continue to raise the bar in everything we do.