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"Pilates on crack"

SLT is here to give our clients the full-body reSuLTs they have always wanted.


founded by amanda freeman


I'm a serial entrepreneur focused on health and wellness. I am the Founder and CEO of SLT (Strengthen Lengthen Tone), a Co-Founder of Sweaty Saturday and a Co-Founder of Vital Juice. I began my career as a trend forecaster and consultant focused on Generations X & Y. I hold a BA from Duke University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.


Amanda's interview


What are the 3 highlights of your time as a founder so far?

Opening our 10th studio in January 2016. 
Selling a minority stake to a wellness-focused private equity firm North Castle in April 2016. 
Aquiring Brooklyn Bodyburn, a Megaformer-based fitness studio in March 2017.


What personally drives you to build a mission-driven business?

I build because I enjoy identifying holes in the market where a product or service doesn't exist and bringing that offering to life.


What was the life-changing event or experience that inspired the idea for your business?

I had been searching for a workout that I could both enjoy and be challenged by that delivered the physical results I was seeking. When I found the Megaformer, I knew I'd found that workout.


What was the lightbulb moment that propelled you into action to build your company?

I didn't want to start a boutique fitness studio and brought the idea to a few friends who were already active in the fitness space. When they both turned down the opportunity, it occurred to me that someone else (completely unrelated to me) would eventually discover the Megaformer and open a studio just like SLT in NY. I would always regret letting the opportunity slip by.


How has the benefit of the product you've built transformed your own life?

I try to take an SLT class at least three times per week. I have been able to eat (almost) everything and stay in the best shape of my life–all while going through two pregnancies.


How can the benefit of the product you've built change the lives of your consumers?

There are many workouts out there that offer people a sweaty experience or a social experience or a challenging experience, but the clients don't achieve the body they are seeking. SLT can offer them an efficient, low-impact, fun and challenging workout that strengthens, lengthens and tones the body in the ways we all want.


What 3 pieces of advice would you give to every aspiring early stage founder who is building a business?

Build the future by surrounding yourself with people who have the strengths you are lacking. 
Build the future by getting comfortable taking risks and making mistakes. 
Build the future by working very, very hard, wearing many hats and getting your hands dirty.



about SLT

SLT is a combination of strength training, Pilates and cardio. Intimate classes (up to 12 per class) tone, energize and sculpt the entire body to the beat of heart-pumping music. SLT workouts incorporate slow muscle-quivering movements and fast transitions that exhaust each muscle group to fatigue. Founded in 2011, SLT has chiseled the bodies of Kyra Sedgwick, Sofia Vergara, Nina Agdal and Karlie Kloss. There are 14 SLT studios throughout NY and NJ with more on the way.



First class special


SLT is challenging and unlike any other workout out there. We plank, we lunge, we twist, we pulse…we constantly provide you with fun, unique and intense exercises that help to make you stronger and leaner. The full body workout is done with the assistance and resistance of weighted springs, thus requiring constant engagement of the core…for 50 minutes straight.