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“This is an intimate and really well curated space.”

Christopher Gavigan, Co-Founder and CPO, The Honest Company

Today I met with 15 buyers, the decision makers. They are helping me grow my business, period.

Michael Bumgarner, Founder and CEO, Cannuka

You’re really seeing things that are at the forefront of the trends that are starting to happen in the industry.

Rosie O'Neill, Co-Founder and CCO, Sugarfina

“The vibe is amazing, everyone is networking & it's just an amazing conference.”

Maria Hatzistefanis, Founder, Rodial

“FounderMade has opened the door to many, many, many different types of connections that are going to make a big difference in 2018, I have no doubt.

August Vega, Founder, Malk Organics

“This is an opportunity for you to kind of get in the club and meet some people on the ground up.”

Harry Josh, Founder, Harry Josh Hair

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"What I think is so cool about FounderMade is that it's a combination of connecting people."

Bobbi Brown, Founder, Evolution_18 , Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

"It's always great when you can interact and meet other founders and hear other founders speak and learn about other brands and businesses."

Alli Webb,  Founder, Drybar

"This is how business happens."

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Co-Founder, Foodstirs


"This is a remarkable forum to make that happen. All these brands, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors sort of in one community, I think in a very organic and very uplifiting fashion. That's what's exciting about it."

Marc Farrell, Vice President, US Retail Lobby & eCommerce, Starbucks

"An incredible event that gets a lot of retailers, product makers, and entrepreneurs together."

Elly Truesdell, Global Product Innovation & Development, Whole Foods

What better way to find the next big beauty brand than at a summit like FounderMade where you have the hottest, niche new speciality brands on the market. It’s a really great event, a lot of innovation and new ideas, we look forward to participating in the future.

Anna Baker, Director of Merchandising Strategy & Category Development for QVC


It’s nice that the financial players are coming by, because the idea of matchmaking some of these people, even in the early stages before anybody is ready to do a deal, is very interesting and maybe not something that you’re not necessarily honing in on in other places.

Allison Collins, Beauty Financial Editor, WWD

At Entrepreneur we are always excited to explore every single sector. FounderMade has done a wonderful job of collecting experts in all types of sectors, so it’s a wonderful way to connect with lots of different expertise in one place.

Linda Lacina, Editor, Entrepreneur Media

FounderMade attracts founders by offering support services, mentorship from veterans, a pitch competition and access to capital. This founder-focused model then attracts the big companies who have a keen interest in gaining visibility into a world that corporates would never normally have access to.

Inc. Magazine


"A nice curated listed of folks so it doesn't really feel like you're fighting the masses, you actually have some time to actually get to know people."

Robin Tsai, Principal, VMG Partners

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FounderMade has built a great platform for us to accelerate introductions to today’s entrepreneurs, to interact with key leaders, and to stay abreast of some of the most important trends and innovations in our market.

Jon Canarick, Managing Director, North Castle Partners