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Products that integrate technology and fashion

It's our mission to bring together fashion and technology with a functional design aesthetic and use creative problem solving to help us live well.


founded by billie whitehouse


I am the CEO, designer and director of Wearable X. Wearable X specializes in the combination of hardware, software and apparel for wearable technology products. I am an aesthetic specialist with a naturally inquisitive nature towards technology and innovation. As a garment engineer, I strongly believe people should not have to look like the technology that they have grown to love and depend on. We are invigorating the fashion industry and transforming it into a business focused on improving the quality of our lives.


billie's interview


What are the 3 highlights of your time as a founder so far?

Being named one of Business Insider's 30 Most Important Women in Tech Under 30.
Being compared with my co-founder Ben Moir to Jerry Seinfeld and Steve Jobs by Forbes.
Being named one of Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business in 2016.


What personally drives you to build a mission-driven business?

I build because I believe technology can enable us to live the best version of our lives, not hinder that.


What was the life-changing event or experience that inspired the idea for your business?

Creating Fundawear (vibrating knickers for couples in long distance relationships) with Ben Moir, Havas, and Durex was the most challenging project I have ever undertaken. I was in absolute flow while creating this product and I knew from then on, I was meant to be in this space.


What was the lightbulb moment that propelled you into action to build your company?

The lightbulb moment was the when I saw our products on people for the first time and their faces said it all. This is far more than just fashion. It's a new form of communication.


How has the benefit of the product you've built transformed your own life?

I am not very good at Yoga but Wearable X has helped me when I travel and need some me time.


How can the benefit of the product you've built change the lives of your consumers?

Wearable X will change the wearer's life because they will be able to be empowered by their own body in a way they never have been before. Our technology is the first of its kind!


What 3 pieces of advice would you give to every aspiring early stage founder who is building a business?

Build first, ask questions later!
If, by the time you release, you are no longer embarrassed by the product, you've waited too long.
Just breathe!



about wearable x

Wearable X is a modern luxury brand that specializes in fashion integrated with the latest technology. Working across hardware, software and apparel, it is an unparalleled experience. Using vibrational feedback, the latest line of yoga pants and bras encourage the wearer with gentle pulses around the shoulders, hips, knees & ankles.



the nadi x


Nadi X is intelligent clothing that exceeds traditional fitness wear, offering a unique sensory exploration that connects you with yourself and your world.

Coming soon