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Aceso is hemp, only better. At Aceso, we are pairing plant science with food science, designing sophisticated products that set the precedent for hemp-derived CBD. As the world rediscovers the restorative power of plants, we are pushing new boundaries, using the latest technologies to extract and blend plant nutrients into highly-targeted formulations that let you take your adventures further.

Our Calm, Soothe and Wellness product lines are designed to bring your system back into balance, making it easy for you to do you. Our research and development team includes food scientists, herbalists, engineers and industry pioneers working together to bring you a unique line of products that taste and perform better.

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Abide by the motto “first do no harm” by ethically providing nutrition for the skin, free of harmful synthetic chemical ingredients to slow down the aging process.

Be a leader in education in the beautyceutical industry by maintaining standards that someday all skin and body products will aspire to achieve.

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Alexandretta saves shippers, on average, 10%-20% off of their existing annual UPS & FedEx budgets and finds savings 95% of the time.

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Our mission is to restore our health, strength and vitality by providing history's healthiest whole food nutrients to the modern world.

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Awakened Alchemy creates innovative nutritional products, based on principles of integrity, effectiveness, quality and transparency, to improve health and well-being and inspire personal development and growth.

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Bāeo is a plant based skin care line made with organic ingredients to nourish your family and protect our planet. Bāeo's goal is to meet the needs of your family at every stage using only the highest quality of pure and simple botanical elements sourced from nature.

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We are creators, innovators, and makers who aim to design products that reflect the personal style of the people who use them. We aim to create remarkable and empowering products inspired by lifestyle and urban culture.
The Blazon team, hails from Oakland, CA and assembles experience from diverse fields including architecture, product design, and advocacy for underrepresented communities.

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BOTA™ plant-powered skincare and supplements utilize the power of CBD combined with natural botanicals to create beautiful and effective products that are easily incorporated into a daily routine.

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BrainJuice is a liquid supplement designed specifically to give your brain a natural boost from vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. Our BrainPower Blend contains the raw materials your brain uses to make the essential neurotransmitters, acetylcholine (used for focus, clarity, memory, muscle control and coordination) and dopamine (used for good mood, motivation, alertness and reaction time).

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Breinify is the leading lightweight AI Platform for predicting and acting on an individual's highly dynamic interests.

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The Brex corporate card helps online brands manage cash flow with net 60 terms and no personal guarantees. No interest, no fees, no catch.

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Bumpin Blends delivers customized smoothie cubes designed to support your specific symptoms from pregnancy to motherhood and beyond.

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C & The Moon

C & The Moon is an environmentally conscious skincare line founded by actress and birth doula Carson Meyer, who was born and raised by the sea in Malibu.
Passionate about sustainability and health, Carson started making body scrub out of organic ingredients in her kitchen. She developed a formula that nourished her sensitive skin and steers clear of the many harmful chemicals in everyday skincare products. Growing up with an environmentalist mother, Carson has always been aware of the harmful toxins that can be absorbed through our skin. However, it wasn't until becoming a doula that she got to see first hand just how much information the skin - our largest organ, takes in from the environment around us.
C & The Moon is based on the belief that the way we care for ourselves has a direct impact on the way we care for the planet.
Our products are always made without parabens, phthalates, dyes, heavy metals, SLS, SLES and synthetic fragrances.

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Chasin’ unicorns

An original crystal lifestyle brand with a mission is to spark the self-love journey through organic self-care rituals and products.

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Luxury men's, wild & organic, clinically proven skincare brand based in Jackson Hole, WY.

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Cannuka is the first legitimately new idea in the beauty and health category in decades. It’s both modern and timeless; it combines some of the purest, most natural elements on Earth in a way that reflects the changing needs and interests of consumers.

Together, the unique healing properties of cannabis (CBD derived from hemp) and Manuka honey provide a daily skin therapy that both calms and heals skin — for your face, lips, cuticles, elbows, and anywhere else there’s dryness or inflammation.

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Aussie-Style Marinated Goat Cheese, made in Sonoma County, California.

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Cosmetics made with the heart.

Little by little, from stems to petals as we may say, Sylvia has created C.LAVIE, a brand of committed care that has a simple credo: GREEN, CLEAN, with SOUL.

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Codex Beauty offers the purest approach to skin care with a global collection of groundbreaking products. We source the most potent clean ingredients from around the world, challenge industry standards through scientific innovation, and develop sustainable processes.

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Realize your brand’s potential with the visionary creatives at CONVYR STUDIOS. We combine breakthrough brand strategy with compelling photography and videography that catapults brands to the next level. Visit us for your complimentary lightning round strategy session.

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CV Sciences™

PlusCBD Oil™ by CV Sciences™ is the leading brand of hemp extracts containing cannabidiol (CBD) available across the nation. The high-quality products come in a variety of delivery systems to suit customer preferences.

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Daiya Foods

Daiya is an industry leader in delicious plant-based foods that are free from dairy, gluten and soy. This is what plant-based looks like.

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Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics

Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics is a leading wellness brand, bringing the health benefits of Hemp-derived CBD-based topical products to mainstream retail. We are the only Hemp CBD-based brand and product line for formulated by a Doctor, integrating 40+ years of experience from some of the world’s top cosmetic biochemists, creating the highest quality products available. Our products are Doctor-designed, patient-approved and rigorously triple-tested by the top labs in California.

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Natural deodorant powered by safe, simple ingredients that work.

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Elements makes functional wellness drinks formulated with science in mind. Each dose has clinically-effective levels of adaptogens, superplants that can teach your body to better adapt to stress, to give your body what it needs when it feels off balance. Add to water for benefits you’ll feel now and wellness you’ll feel over time.

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Pure, single origin, hand harvested CBD remedies thoughtfully grown + crafted by a mother/daughter team on the Western Slope of Colorado.

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ENERGYbits provide health-conscious and busy consumers a safe, natural, plant-based solution that ensures their nutrition, energy and beauty needs are met safely, quickly and easily without sugar, caffeine or processing. Algae is a crop we grow in fresh water and dry into tiny tablets we call “ bits” because they are “bits of food” that are nutrient-dense, toxin-free and have just one ingredient - algae. ENERGYbits and BEAUTYbits spirulina tablets help stop hunger, boost energy, focus, improve athletic performance and improve the vitality of skin and hair. RECOVERYbits chlorella algae tablets help support the immune system, remove toxins, improve longevity and speed recovery after sports or stressful days. Our algae tablets deliver the daily nutrients you need without cooking or cleaning and provide simple, safe, vegan, keto, raw, Non-GMO, organically grown nourishment as an ingestible. Just swallow and go.

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Fytt is inspired by the word "fit," which by definition means "in good health." We believe in feeding your skin nutrients. The products are created with Superfoods and Super Grains, ingredients that are packed with vital nourishment for healthy "fit" skin. Our mission is to offer wellness-minded, active individuals healthy skincare products to complement their lifestyles.

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Created by Jenna Owens, co-host of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, Fitish is a lifestyle brand that focuses on CBD skincare, athletic wear, and fitness and wellness advice. Recently named “Best CBD Skincare” at the Unfiltered Experience conference, Fitish shows its customers, also known as its Fitish family, that it’s possible to get in shape without living at the gym, stay healthy without depriving yourself of guilty pleasures, and look stylish while still feeling comfortable, all while building confidence and having fun.

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The Giannuzzi Group

More information coming soon.

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Founded in 2010, GLAMCOR has become the global leader in professional beauty lighting - and since 2016 GLAMCOR’s sister brand, Riki Loves Riki has become the absolute go-to beauty essential for celebrities, influencers, and beauty enthusiasts around the world.

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Premium CBD-infused beverages for better days all around.

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Gorgias transform your customer support into a profit center. It enables over 1600 merchants to manage all their customer service channels in a platform integrated with Shopify.

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Evergreen State Holdings is a completely vertically integrated CBD manufacturing company. We do almost anything within the CBD realm; Grow, extract, test, whole sale, white labeling, and we have our own consumer brand called Guud Manufacturing. We have three facilities, two in North America, and one in South America as well as strong partnerships in the UK.

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HALO Sport

HALO Sport is the cleanest, healthiest hydration drink every made. Developed with nationally recognized health experts and celebrity fitness gurus, the product is certified organic with only 10 calories and 2g sugar per bottle. Packed with ionic electrolytes, trace minerals and powerful antioxidants, HALO Sport delivers efficient hydration with added health benefits, all with a crisp, delicious taste. Independently owned, HALO Sport is disrupting the traditional sports drink category with a product designed for today’s wellness warrior.

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Easy-to-understand, daily hemp CBD solutions to help with the pain and stress associated with just being human in today’s world.

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High is much more than Cannabis sativa seed oil. High is expertly formulated to deliver Cannabis sativa seed oil in combination with certified organic plant oils, high-potency antioxidants and pure plant essential oils for healthy beautiful skin.

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Highline Wellness is a NYC-based lifestyle brand focused on providing customers with high quality CBD products at reasonable prices. Shopping the CBD market isn't always a Zagat-rated experience; Long delivery times, inconvenient trips to the wellness store, unreliable product, and steep pricing. Highline Wellness was built to reflect our core values, appreciation for simplicity, consistent results and a belief that it shouldn’t be beyond your reach to feel your best. Through sleek packaging and aesthetic Highline Wellness offers a comfortable and trusted experience to purchase CBD for the first time. Free two-day shipping nationwide and same day delivery available in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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just good granola

Just Good Granola was born out of my kitchen in Los Angeles out of my joy for cooking and baking for friends and family. Our granola is locally made and hand packaged in small batches with the highest quality of ingredients. Just Good Granola is Non-GMO and Gluten so you can feel good about eating it.

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KAATSU is a revolutionary rehabilitation and recovery modality from Japan used by pro athletes, U.S. military and people up to 104 years.

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Launched in 2019, the Luving Company was born out of the desire to provide healthier, innovative products for the whole family. Created by a mother of three, KidsLuv is designed to give kids a healthy dose of the things their bodies need without the harmful sugars. Finally, the product parents have been looking for to replace those sugar-packed juices and Vitamins. KidsLuv is non-GMO; Vegan; Kosher; Gluten-free served in a 100% recyclable, straw-free drink carton. We believe in giving kids the real nutrition and luv they deserve!

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Located in Humboldt County, California, our family owned and operated business benefits from over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry. This knowledge is reflected in the quality and consistency of our hand-crafted, small batch beauty and wellness products. We use premium organic plant extracts in a base of cold-pressed, virgin, organic oils. We are committed to supporting organic farming methods, sustainable practices, organic ingredients, and offering safe, lab-tested products to our community. We source hemp CBD from the United States. Our CBD Hemp line does not contain THC (users will experience no psychoactive effects).

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Shamelessly meaty plant-based jerky.

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Coast to Coast growers is made up of apple growers from New York and Washington, and we are working together to grow, market, and sell a new breed of apples to the US market. KORU® apples were initially developed in New Zealand, but Coast to Coast is now growing them and sharing them with the rest of the US. We are excited to share our love for KORU with the FounderMade attendees and exhibitors!

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Lakanto's mission is to bring chi to all life by creating innovative, delicious, sugar-free products. We inspire people to reach their highest potential in health and wellness by helping them discover their chi.

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LARK Skin Co. products are natural and nourishing, using real ingredients to provide real results. We mission-driven, empowering others to feel comfortable in their skin, embrace what makes them one-of-a-kind and show up as they are — because we are all beautiful.

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LARQ was started with a simple vision where innovative technology can be combined with inspirational design to help people access pristine drinking water easily and sustainably.

Built-in UV-C LED technology intelligently activates every 2 hours to clean your bottle and purify your water. Say goodbye to the stench you get from your old water bottle. This technology eliminates 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses (in Adventure Mode) so your water and bottle stay fresh time and time again. Fill up with confidence at the airport, at the gym, from the river, from your sink, or any public water fountain. No chemicals, no scrubbing, no compromises.

Our products look as good as they make you feel. We are confident that these are the most beautiful hydration products in the world that make it easy to make a healthier and more sustainable choice, anytime and anywhere. You are what you drink. So drink brilliantly.

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A Hawaii based artisanal skincare line made from fresh Hawaiian nectars, vibrant botanical actives, and exotic tropical beauty oils.

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LEMON perfect

Lemon Perfect is a blissfully refreshing cold-pressed superfruit beverage — with zero sugar and only five calories — that helps you live your perfect day, every day.

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Life Elements

Life Elements specializes in handcrafted, nature-based skin and body care. Our CBD & Honey Collection has garnered much media attention for its quality, efficacy and brand story.

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Manucurist_West Headshots.jpeg


French expert in nail colors and nail care, Manucurist wants to provide women with products that are safe and clean to the planet. We created the Green collection, nail lacquers that are bio-sourced. We went further when launching the Green Flash, very first green gel polish!

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Medterra_West Headshots.001.jpeg


At Medterra, we are dedicated to providing CBD products you can trust. Inspired by people and athletes of all walks of life, we’re focused on developing innovative products that cater to the lifestyles of you and the ones you love. Founded by a group of individuals passionate about the benefits of CBD, we continue to set standards for quality CBD products that will keep you and your pets feeling your best. Our CBD. Your Health.

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No_Cosmetics_West Headshots.001.jpeg

Nø cosmetics

Believing it should be every women’s decision to wear makeup and not to be pressured by beauty standards, Nø Cosmetics is a clean, cruelty-free and vegan family owned German-Beauty-concept with a consumer-friendly price tag. Disliking beauty products that are greenwashing and making fake promises, their products never “wear” any makeup. They are honestly beautiful right to the core.

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We lead fearless brands to limitless growth.

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The future of men’s reproductive wellness is here. Meet Male Prenatal - a unique health & fertility supplement just for him. Because guys matter too!

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Nutu creates premium, clean-label beauty and wellness products made with fair-trade moringa sourced from women-led cooperatives in West Africa.

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Proper nutrition, derived from whole foods, made specially to work with today’s most popular evidence-based diets. Nuut is complex nutrition, made simple.

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Olive + M was created from the belief that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. All of our products are made from plant-based oils with olive oil as the foundation. We are Olive + M and we believe in being radiant by nature.

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One_Two_Cosmetics_West Headshots.001.jpeg


One Two Cosmetics® is a brand dedicated to making beauty effortless for all. Established by Katy Stoka in 2014, the brand’s One Two Lash® is the world’s first patented magnetic lash.

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OWL VEnice

One Whole Life (OWL) is a health and wellness brand located in Venice, California. We currently offer chicken, turkey, beef and vegan mineral elixirs along with 4, 6 and 8 day cleanses. Our broth elixirs are hand-crafted in small batches, using high quality grass-fed, organic bones and organic herbs and vegetables, all sourced weekly from local farmers markets. The OWL cleanse program is inspired by Ayurveda and Chronobiology and designed to heal the gut. The program consists of three broths and three nutrient dense hemp mylkshakes. The cleanse experience is nourishing rather than depleting, and acts as an effective reset or as the kickstart to an elimination diet.

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At work. At play. All day. You can always use a little more oxygen. Sip natural, refreshing Oxigen water throughout your busy day to maintain your optimum oxygen levels. Take it from pro athletes, weekend warriors and busy professionals, students and parents around the globe, Oxigen is a simple, effective way to replenish your mind, body and spirit.

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PackagingChic provides sourcing, consulting and manufacturing of packaging for beauty, specialty food, fashion, and household goods.

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Papa_&_Barkley_West Headshots.001.jpeg


We are a proud team of caregivers, scientists, farmers, and professionals on a mission to unlock the power of the plant to improve people’s lives.

Our company was founded by caring for those we love. We make sure to deliver natural, clean and effective products for you and your family. All of our products are made with premium USA grown hemp in a patented process that uses only heat, water and pressure, resulting in full-spectrum oil that contains all of the cannabinoids, terpenes and phytonutrients of the hemp plant.

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Path81 is a payment processing, risk management, reconciliation and detailed reporting company which also functions as a PayFac. We help small, medium and large brands to scale with ease and functionality. Our @payments_with_purpose program was developed to allow brands to "give back" to charities near and dear to their hearts.

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Pit liquor

Natural, low-plastic deodorant made from whiskey and vodka. Quench your stench.

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We combine nature’s nutrients with the power of science to deliver the most effective supplements and detoxification protocols on the market.




Recurly .001.jpeg


Recurly is the subscription management platform that unlocks the potential of subscription commerce for the world’s most dynamic companies. Customers like Barkbox, Cora and Asana use Recurly to automate recurring billing, optimize revenue growth and build customer lifetime value with actionable insights.

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We're friends with one goal: make high-quality, great-tasting beverages with the freshest organic ingredients we can source.

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Rugged_&_Dapper_West Headshots.001.jpeg


We are a no-nonsense Skincare Line that strongly believes men should start and end their day both looking and feeling good. Our multi-tasking formulas get the job done all at once. We keep things simple & only use natural ingredients that work to hydrate & repair his skin. We utilize premium, natural and organic ingredients without the harmful chemicals that most skincare products on the market have.

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Salted_Stone_West Headshots.001.jpeg


Salted Stone is a full-service global agency offering award-winning marketing, sales, and customer success solutions and consultations.

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Scent Trunk_West Headshots.jpeg


Empowering individuals to design an exclusive scent by uniting personal identity with the expression of fragrance and the unrestrained talent of Indie Perfumers.

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Scentered_West Headshots 4_5.039.jpeg


Scentered® is a mindfulness lifestyle brand that has created a unique Wellbeing Ritual, teaching people how to use the science behind the powerful link between our sense of smell and the part of the brain where memory and habits are formed as a tool to direct our thoughts, emotions and actions to live happier lives.

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SFH_West Headshots 4_5.041.jpeg


Since 2010, we have been committed to the philosophy that nutritionally balanced food, frequent exercise, and clean supplementation are the keys to a healthy life. Our mission is to offer products that are backed by science and made with ingredients that are free of soy and gluten while adhering to a strict standard of transparency. This commitment provides peace of mind that SFH gives you everything you need and nothing you don't, on your journey to becoming STRONGER. FASTER. HEALTHIER.®

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Shanti Wellness - West 2019 - Headshots.001.jpeg

Shanti Wellness

Shanti Wellness is an Ayurvedic inspired wellness company offering Hemp CBD and Adaptogens for mind, body and soul.

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Consumers are tired of traditional retargeting that shows the same, repetitive and impersonal content over and over again. That is, in a word, “annoying” and “annoying” is not how you want your brand to be remembered.

Instead of contributing to the issue and damaging their image, brands should choose a retargeting strategy that is optimized for building brand equity. That’s where Shoelace comes in, to help fast growing DTC brands create memorable retargeting journeys by showing the right ad to the right customer at the right time.

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Skubana_West Headshots.001.jpeg


Skubana is an e-commerce order and inventory management platform that enables multi-channel brands to unify their back-office operations.

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Soma_Ayurvedic_West Headshots.001.jpeg


Soma Ayurvedic makes clean and effective skincare and beauty products using all natural, vegan and minimalist formulations.

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Spero Foods.001.jpeg


Spero Foods was born out of the desire to be free from the devastating effects of chronic illness. Just picking up fruits, vegetables, seeds, and other plant-based foods proved to make all the difference in the world. We sought to offer truly delicious food that happens to be healthy and sustainable, and to collectively make strides towards a brighter future for all. We believe we can change the world and contribute to helping people feel better, fitter, and stronger.

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St_Rose_West Headshots.001.jpeg


Born with Australian roots and raised in American spirit, ST. ROSE is a modern lifestyle brand that intersects beauty and wellness. Our curated collection of artisan fine fragrances are hand made in New York with natural and sustainably sourced ingredients to nourish the body, inspire the mind, and feed the soul with nature’s most ancient elements. Loved by Mother Earth and the ones in the know, our products are tested and approved by the babes that love us and never animals.

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FOUNDED IN 2008, Sultra’s infrared and ionic technology infused tools promote the healing of hair and scalp, breakdown excess moisture and water molecules on the hair and in the surrounding environment and penetrate the cortex to strengthen and hydrate from within. Fostering the brand ethos that styling your hair should be predictable, reliable, and fun, Sultra delivers high quality tools that reduce styling time, mend and defend the hair, lock in bombshell styles that last day to the after hours, while bringing hydration and strength back to the hair with every use.

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West Headshots 4:5.040.jpeg


Tohi is a healthy lifestyle brand. We create innovative consumer products in the Healthier for You consumer space. Tohi beverages are the first realization of Tohi Ventures’ vision: a naturally functioning, clean label drink made with Aronia Berries that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

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Turbie Twist.001.jpeg


Turbie Twist is committed to providing useful, effective and affordable bath and beauty solutions which serve to simplify life and help keep women feeling great!

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Uleva .001.jpeg


Uleva Products aims to create fuller lives through high-quality, hemp-based supplements developed by industry professionals dedicated to the best possible outcomes. Our mission is to provide adults with an herbal and nutritive route to wellness, and to enhance lives with specific purpose. No matter the circumstances, Uleva provides an approachable, holistic path to balance.

Our hemp is skillfully grown from only the highest quality farms available. We ensure there are no herbicides or pesticides used on our crops. Final production of Uleva occurs at Contract Pharmacal Corp (, a state-of-the-art facility in New York, using some of the industry’s most advanced equipment and strict quality-control standards. By combining the highest-quality hemp with CPC’s 50 years of pharmaceutical experience, Uleva has brought to market a product unlike any other.

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West Headshots 4:5.042.jpeg

Well Told Health

Our health boosters are completely clean and our ingredients are in their whole form; no synthetics or isolated compounds. Always 100% plant-based + nothing else.

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West Headshots 4:5.043.jpeg


Zipline Logistics is a digitally-enabled transportation partner specializing exclusively in the consumer goods sector. We proudly work alongside clients ranging from some of the largest food and beverage business in the world to the brightest up-and-coming CG brands in North America.